The ABC System

The ABC System – grooved brick facings locked into galvanised steel backing rail.

The steel rail acts as bracing over the frame as well as providing the locking mechanism for the brick facings.

The ABC System is very much stronger and far more durable than standard masonry brickwork.

Lightweight, quicker and less hassle to install than glue-on facings and most important of all – genuine Australian brick!


There are countless ways of installing The ABC System.
This graphic shows one of them, typical to some of our Asian markets. Plywood has been applied over the timber frame to maximise bracing, sisalation or sarking is then placed over the ply and The ABC System steel rail is then nailed to the frame through the sisalation and plywood.

The brick facings and corners are then installed in the rail and the system is mortared.

It's easy as ABC!!! How to>>


The ABC System for any particular installation comprises some mix of all or some of the available components, depending on the needs of the job and client:
precision ABC System steel rail in high tensile galvanised steel (top rail, course rail, bottom rail) with the special fin-tab which engages into the groove of the brickwork, securing it easily and firmly, even before mortaring;
grooved brick facings and corner pieces, manufactured of course from genuine Australian clay bricks;
special profile facings sections are available to minimise the need for cutting on site – halves, three-quarters and short three-quarters;
facings cut and grooved for easy secure installation in a soldier course;  
window sills cut to client specifications and grooved for simple installation in the steel rail;  
corner rail and flat rail to fully complete the steel blanket over the timber frame;  
the ABC Mortar Gun and a full range of spare parts and accessories.  
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